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 My Best Friend’s Sewing Room

3850 Washington Rd, Suite 4C, Martinez, GA 30907   Phone: (706) 993-8819   Email: 

Website: Check us out on Facebook! For ages 8 & up. Preregistration is required.

We abide by Columbia County School guidelines regarding inclement weather and Covid-19.

***For the most up-to-date events, check out our events on our Facebook page:


**************** PRESIDENTS’ DAY SEWING CAMP FOR KIDS*************************                          

We meet Monday, February 20, 10-3 pm, $75.00. Kids will combine art and sewing to make a one-of-a-kind creation! Book early to reserve your child’s seat. Kids will pack a sack lunch.

Saturdays: Kids’ Classes are all $36.00 & include sewing kit unless otherwise stated.                     

2/4, 10-12 pm: Valentine Tree Pillow

2/11, 10-12:30 pm: Heart-Eyes Emoji Pillow and Valentine Party

2/18, 2-4 pm: Composition Book Cover

2/25, 10-12 pm:  Zippered Triangle Pouch

Adult Classes are $42.00 and include project kit unless otherwise stated.

SAT, 4:30-6:30 pm on 1/14, 2/11, 3/11, 4/15, & 5/13: Quilt Club, must have taken Quilting 101 Class or Quilting Private Lesson. $125.00 for all five sessions. Bring your own tools and materials. Jordan will be on hand to help you with your individual quilt project.

SAT, 2/4, 2-4 pm: Beg. Sewing 101 - Learn sewing basics while constructing a fun project! Materials are included and may borrow a sewing machine. This class was previously scheduled to meet on 2/11, but was bumped up.

SAT, 2/18, 2-4 pm: Banded Towels – Learn how to add a touch of “wow” to your guest hand towels! Great beginner class.

SAT: 2/25, 2-5 pm: Pajama Pants – Learn flat garment construction, hemming, inserting elastic, and more! You will be given a list of materials to bring, including pattern, fabric, elastic, and thread. This is a GREAT class for beginners and older teens! Pack a snack. $65.00

Class times and days don’t work for you? We offer private 2-hour lessons starting at $45.00 for kids, and $55.00 for adults.

Ask about private lessons for Machine Embroidery (Brother or Baby Lock) or sergers. Prices vary according to project.

Class times and days don’t work for you? We offer private 2-hours ewing lessons for kids ($45.00) and adults ($55.00). See Jordan regarding private lessons for serger or embroidery machine (Brother or Baby Lock only).

Also, we have a waiting list for homeschoolers. Each class meets twice a month.

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