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{Sewing Classes}

To register for a class, please go to the contact page and send an email. You will be contacted with class confirmation and payment instructions.

We host quite the variety of machine sewing classes at My Best Friend's Sewing Room. These are for ages 8 & up. Each month, different projects are offered depending on the season, but all are beginner-friendly. No sewing experience is required. As your child continues to sew with us, she/he will learn how to follow a seam allowance, backstitch, pivot, select machine stitches, pin, cut a pattern, iron and design. The typical cost of a 2-hour class is $36.00, and includes sewing kit & machine use. 


If your child is very dedicated to learning how to machine sew and wants to take the next step of reading a pattern from one of the major pattern companies, that will take time and dedication on your part. This should take a 3-4 session time commitment and we will book your date/time in advance. You will be quoted a price based on time and project. Typically, each child's 2-hour private lesson runs $45.00. 

If your child needs to learn her personal machine, the $45.00 cost for a private lesson applies. This involves threading the machine, winding a bobbin, minor maintenance, selecting stitches and changing feet.


You may also book private groups such as Girl Scouts or homeschoolers. Contact us and we will work out the project and the price.


We also love to teach adults! We have some scheduled classes, as well as offer private 2-hour lessons for $55.00. Group lessons are also available. The typical cost of an adult class is $42.00 per student. 

Private adult machine embroidery lessons run $100.00-$150.00 for two hours depending on machine and project. You can also get a quote for more specialized lessons like applique or in-the-hoop. 

If you have any questions, please email Jordan via the contact page.

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